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If You Truly Want To

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Read This…

Here at Purity Woods, we believe in integrity, transparency, and straight talk.

On that note, if you TRULY want the most beautiful skin possible, vibrant energy levels, a clear and sharp brain, and to live long and well, please just take the time to read this. 

It’s not long, and by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be more “in-the-know” than the vast majority of the population (yes, really). PLUS, you’ll know how to safeguard yourself against getting “tricked” by many skincare and supplement companies out there. 

So, for starters…

Don’t feel guilt or worry.

Because your intuition is right.

photo of woman looking at herself in mirror holding her cheekWhen you look in the mirror and see fine lines… wrinkles… sagging skin… age spots… or other visible signs of aging… chances are you feel frustrated, sad, or even angry. 

You’re likely concerned that those signs of “looking old” are only going to get worse. 

Then perhaps you feel guilty about worrying about these things… maybe because the way you look to others “shouldn’t” bother you so much, or you try to reason away that “there’s not much you can do about it anyway.” 

However, please DO NOT feel guilty. 

Meanwhile, when names and dates that used to come easily to you start to slip your mind, or you feel your energy is “zapped” far too soon in the day… chances are you feel worried. 

You’re likely concerned that those signs of “getting old” are only going to get worse. 

However, please DO NOT worry. 

Because what your intuition is telling you deep down – that it doesn’t have to be this way, that you should have younger-looking skin, a sharper brain, and more energy – is true. 

Now, you’re not wrong to feel frustrated with “old-looking” skin… brain fog… or zapped energy. 

And you’re certainly not wrong to feel there’s a LOT you can do about it. 

However, the problem is not you. 

You see, there’s so much conflicting information – and flat-out wrong information – out there. 

And there are a ton of both skin products and supplements out there that make big claims yet completely bomb when it comes to actual results. 

Thank goodness we live in an age where people are becoming very aware, though, and not letting their emotions fall prey to their often-sophisticated tactics, such as…

The “Smoke and Mirrors” Big Brand Risks

Today, both the cosmetic and supplement industries are ruled by a few corporate giants that pour hundreds of millions of dollars into celebrity endorsements, flashy TV placements, expensive magazine spreads, and huge internet marketing campaigns in an attempt to manipulate your emotions. 

You’re likely already all too aware, though, that their products’ actual performance falls far short of the lofty claims they make. 

photo of open jar of creamIn fact, most of the cosmetic and wellness products out there today contain artificial ingredients that can directly work against you and the youthful-looking skin you want (though it helps them make more money because synthetic ingredients are typically quite cheap.) 

Bottom line here… no matter what doctor or celebrity they might pay to endorse their healthy aging and longevity products, look past the glitz and right to the label.

The “Organic Poser” Risks

And then you have the huge number of skin care and supplement companies, both large and small, who loosely use words like “organic” and “natural” on their product labels. 

This is often a sneaky game of “smoke and mirrors,” because many of them are trying to smooth talk you past looking closely at their labels. 

You see, there’s little to no regulation when it comes to using generic yet emotionally-provocative words like “organic”, “natural”, “wild-crafted”, or “clean.” 

They could include one or a few organic ingredients (even a Big Mac bun has some “natural” ingredients!), however look closely at their labels… 

photo of woman looking at two bottles of productBecause you’ll see it often also includes some or MANY ingredients that aren’t only not “organic,” but are potentially toxic, carcinogenic, and hormone-disrupting. 

The bottom line here? No matter how often they use marketing trigger words that make their product sound safe and “green,” look past the hype and right to the label. 

As a rule of thumb, if a cosmetic or supplement doesn’t show the USDA Certified Organic seal, it’s highly likely it won’t help your skin or health over the long term, and it may even work directly against it!

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Why USDA Certified Organic is a MUST for Your Youngest-Looking Skin and Vibrant Health

Only 1% of the 84,000 chemicals on the market today have been tested for their safety. 

That’s reason enough to be wary of artificial chemicals, and good old common sense also comes into play because… 

Your body does not thrive on artificial and toxic things. 

No matter how much the skincare and supplement companies who use these artificial ingredients try to convince people otherwise, artificial things DO NOT belong in your body. 

photo of scientist removing cream from a jar using a spatulaNow, what’s uncommon is truly USDA Certified Organic healthy aging cosmetics and supplements. 

That’s because they require meticulous work and care to create. And you can’t just make a bunch of marketing claims about your products, you have to prove it’s true. 

In short, USDA Certified Organic means far better products for you because all of their ingredients have gone through the strict independent review process at both the farms and in the manufacturing facility. 

USDA Certified Organic means products are independently verified to be grown organically and to contain 95% or more truly organic ingredients. (And even the remaining 5% may only be processed via a strict “safe” list which includes, for example, natural ingredients that can’t be grown, such as minerals.) 

USDA Certified Organic means the product is FREE of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and dyes, and it was NOT processed using industrial solvents, irradiation, or genetic engineering (non-GMO). 

Even if you decide not to try our guaranteed-to-work, USDA Certified Organic products today and you leave here remembering only one thing, please make it this: If a skin care product or supplement label says “organic” or “wild-crafted” or “natural” or any such healthy-sounding phrase — yet it is doesn’t actually show that it is USDA Certified Organic — please do not use it. Because your skin and your body deserve only the best.

About Our Very First Customers

Purity Woods was started by the husband and wife (and mom and dad to four kids) team of Brian and Iwona Vaszily.

Iwona is a licensed cosmetologist who long ago saw that virtually all synthetic skincare products are horrible for skin and health over the long term. 

Brian is a well-known natural health and wellness researcher and business leader with over 20 years of experience. He has worked closely with many of today’s most renowned and respected natural health doctors, researchers, and natural health organizations. 

They started Purity Woods because they could not find truly clean skincare products that properly utilized nature’s most powerful ingredients to effectively combat the visual signs of aging. 

In other words, they started Purity Woods and became their own first customers! 

And because they’ve experienced results far better than anything else they had ever used (and to say they had tried many over the years is a vast understatement!), they realized they had the makings of an honest and, therefore, successful business on their hands and they had to share this with YOU…

The Purity Woods Promise to You

Our mission and promise to you is simple: To provide you only the world’s purest and most effective skincare products and supplements to help you look and feel your best – now and well into the future!

And because talk is cheap, our products must go through that strict independent certification… they must be USDA Certified Organic, or we won’t offer it. 

That’s why we actually take pride in not offering a wide line of products. 

You see, getting “most effective” and “purest” right is very painstaking work… and we’d rather provide you the singular BEST products versus a wide line of mediocre products. 

In fact, we’re honored and humbled to have been named “The World’s Greatest Skin Care” by The World’s Greatest, a long-running national television program that scours the world for the BEST companies that stand head and shoulders above the rest in their industry. Watch the full segment now!

Still not convinced? Our healthy aging products have also been touted in publications such as:

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And here’s what a few of our many satisfied customers have to say…


Five of five stars

Michele C.

I have been buying your products for several years now and I just love them ALL! 

I have sensitive skin and your product are the only ones I can use. Thank you so much for creating these products. Don’t know what I would have done without them. They help with sagging and wrinkles, and I love the fact that they’re organic and natural ingredients.


Five of five stars

Carol K.

I am using all of your products and they are by far the best I have ever used! 

I have spent a fortune on products over my lifetime and have never gotten the results I have received from your products in just a couple of days!


Five of five stars

Alison M.

I LOVE these products!

They really work – and you can see results pretty much right away! My skin finally feels ‘normal’ again, and I receive so many compliments from people who say they can’t believe my age.


Five of five stars

Jennifer C.

Finally, the ‘WOW’ factor I have been searching for in skincare! 

If you have tried brands galore to find the right skincare that actually shows results, you can stop searching. Purity Woods skincare… I have finally found my hero. From the Age-Defying Dream Cream to the most effective Eye Cream, you will find beauty in your skin with every application. I was blown away at how soft and hydrated my face felt after just one use. I tend to have dryer skin and could not find a moisturizer to combat this issue until Purity Woods. My skin has never felt so beautiful and loved! In fact, I purchased the entire line of skincare, I was that convinced. True love for all the Purity Woods products!


Five of five stars

Sandy W.

Been using all of this line for over 6 months and no need to try anything else!

I’m 70 and I saw an improvement after 2 weeks.


Five of five stars

Marghee S.

I absolutely love all Purity products.

I have a rare skin disease called dermatomyositis and am also allergic to a preservative found in nearly all facial products but these products are such a blessing to me with no reaction. My skin is cleared of rash and itching. It’s truly a miracle come true. Thank you for creating such amazing products!


Five of five stars

Julia R.

All the ingredients are such high quality.

To be honest… I didn’t think a skincare routine would make a huge difference, but since using Purity Woods, for 2 months now… I’ve for sure noticed a difference in the smoothness and moistness of my skin! I feel SO good knowing that all the ingredients are such high quality … I call it nature’s magic to my friends and fam 😜 Also, love that the good ol’ Canadian a Maple Leaf is so prominent and so powerful when it comes to elastin & collagen production! Who knew!?


Five of five stars

Syd S.

I’ve used these for about year now and they are great.

I switched to another brand about 2 weeks ago believing the hype and what a mistake. Immediately re-ordered Purity Woods and not changing again. People often guess me for 10 years younger and I credit Purity Woods for most of it.

So, on that note, read about our signature product and #1 bestseller, Purity Woods’ Age-Defying Dream Cream, next.


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