Age-Defying Health & Beauty
Made Easy

Experience ageless vitality with Purity Woods’ USDA Certified Organic line of skin care products and supplements made with nature’s most effective ingredients. 

Age-Defying Health & Beauty
Made Easy

Experience ageless vitality with Purity Woods’ USDA Certified Organic line of skin care products and supplements made with nature’s most effective ingredients. 

Dr. Joel Fuhrman, World-Renowned M.D

7-Time NY Times Bestselling Author

My wife, Lisa, turned me on to this cream she loves. It can help you maintain younger-looking skin by supporting your skin’s free radical defenses and elastin production. So, I started using this anti-aging cream, too, after reviewing the research on its ingredients. (I also recommend wearing a hat with a large brim while out in the sun.)

It’s a revolutionary cream that restores the appearance of youth to your skin like nothing else out there. It’s USDA Organic Certified and provides you with nature’s most effective botanicals for both collagen and elastin.

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Age-Defying Products


The Age-Defying Dream Cream

Featuring nature's most powerful elastin-boosting, collagen-boosting, and moisturizing botanicals...

The Age-Defying Eye Cream

We guarantee the Age-Defying Eye Cream is the most effective eye cream you can find...

The Age-Defying Night Cream

Provides you nature's most potent botanicals for revitalizing your skin while you sleep...

The Elastin Boost Hyper-Lift Serum

Features 3 maple leaf extracts and other key ingredients for combatting deep wrinkles...

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t take is from us, here is what our customers say about us.

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Finally, the "WOW" factor I have been searching for in skincare! If you have tried brands galore to find the right skincare that actually shows results, you can stop searching. Purity Woods skincare... I have finally found my hero. From the Age-Defying Dream Cream to the most effective Eye Cream, you will find beauty in your skin with every application. I was blown away at how soft and hydrated my face felt after just one use. I tend to have dryer skin and could not find a moisturizer to combat this issue until Purity Woods. My skin has never felt so beautiful and loved! In fact, I purchased the entire line of skincare, I was that convinced. True love for all the Purity Woods products!
Maree W.
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As a woman that’s in the Wellness space coaching others on how to anti-age, at 60… it’s very important that my skin looks radiant and youthful. It’s also imperative that the products be organic and free of impurities. Purity Woods skincare products made my husband exclaim how beautiful my skin looked within 7 days of using it. He said I “looked glowing and pretty!” My favorites are the Elastin Boost Hyper-Lift Serum, followed by the Age-Defying Dream Cream. I’d highly recommend this brand to any woman that wants to defy aging with quality skincare that works
Maria P.
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Your product is impressive! I see the difference on my skin the first day I use it. It moisturized it very well :)… I am one of those people who spent money for skin care treatments, such as chemical peels, but ended dealing with overly dry, paper like skin. Your product is able to penetrate into my skin and restore it to the condition it should. Thanks so much!
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Just want to let you know my experience having used the Dream Cream for about a year now. I recently stopped by my former workplace (I retired about 5years ago and hadn’t seen any of my former coworkers since that time) and I was amazed to hear two of them exclaim “You’re aging backwards! Look at your skin!” I’m 72 years young and am regularly hearing comments about how I couldn’t possibly be that old. I’m outdoors all summer and don’t use sunscreen so I don’t deserve to have such youthful skin!
Sara S.
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I finally found a healthy, result oriented moisturizer for my face. The Age Defying Dream Cream makes the facial skin feel and look healthier. It has a pleasant odor and most importantly, it is free of ingredients that are unsafe for our skin. The ingredients are amazing. I look forward to continuing to use it and see the positive changes. My three weeks of use have sold me!!
Miranha H.
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I’ve been using my Purity Woods products for about a week, and I have to say WOW, this is what I’ve been looking for! I’m not exaggerating when I say I noticed a difference overnight – literally woke up and was incredulous that I could already see improvement in the fine lines around my eyes. I have sensitive skin, so trying new products is always risky, but I have run that risk several times as I try to find a product that works for my eye area. Other products have been great in general, but for whatever reason, nothing has made a difference around my eyes – until now! I’m super excited to see what happens using these products long-term. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this wonderful product line
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I absolutely love all Purity products. I have a rare skin disease called dermatomyositis and am also allergic to a liquid preservative found in nearly all facial products but these products are such a blessing to me. No reaction and my skin is cleared of rash and itching. It's truly a miracle come true. Thank you for creating such amazing products!
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I’ve been using all of your products for over a year. I love the fragrance, the feel, and the fact that they are organic.I know the horror of the other junk. People say I look still in my 60’s and I’m headed for 81.
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Been using all of this line for over 6 months and no need to try anything else! I’m 70 and I saw an improvement after 2 weeks.
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Your products REALLY are revolutionary. I am using them all, and couldn't be more pleased. As an esthetician, I love each product. They most definitely deliver.
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I love the Purity Woods system! The other products I have work well, but not anywhere as effective as Purity! My face looks better than ever and I am turning 75 in a few months!
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I am using all of your products and they are by far the best I have ever used! thank you. I have spent a fortune on products over my lifetime and will say have never gotten the results I have received from your products in just a very short amount of time, i.e. a couple of days! keep up the great work!

Our Promise

Purity Woods' goal is to provide you with the world’s purest and most effective skin care products to most powerfully combat the appearance of “old-looking” skin.

No Toxins. No ”Organic Poser” Products.

That means true USDA Certified Organic skin care products only made from nature’s premium ingredients, and as you’ll soon experience, that makes all the difference.

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We’re honored and humbled to have been named “The World’s Greatest Skin Care” by The World’s Greatest, a television program that scours the world for the BEST companies that stand head and shoulders above the rest in their industry.

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Taking Sustainability One BIG Step Further With Every Order

Beyond all ingredients in our exceptional skincare products being sustainable, we’re thrilled to partner with the nonprofit One Tree Planted. With each Purity Woods order placed, we donate a portion of the proceeds to have a tree planted in your honor.

These trees are targeted to urgently “in need” areas, such as those devastated by forest fires, and help create habitats for animals and biodiversity, jobs for social impact, and clean air and water for everyone’s benefit. We’ve helped plant over 5,000 trees this year already and thank you for helping us reach our goal of 12,000 trees this year!


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