Skin Benefits of Witch Hazel: A Clear Complexion Staple

skin benefits of witch hazel

Witch hazel is an extremely versatile skincare ingredient. In fact, it has become so popular in toners, creams, cleansers, etc. that it often gets overlooked as just an “ordinary” ingredient, which doesn’t do it justice at all. Two amazing skin benefits of witch hazel include fighting acne and balancing oily skin. When used as a … Read more

What Does USDA Certified Organic Mean for Skincare?

what is USDA organic skincare

You’ve probably seen a lot of marketing claims on the labels of food and skincare products. Words like “natural,” “wild-crafted,” and “eco-friendly” are everywhere because they appeal to modern consumers. However, there’s only one label you can really trust: USDA Certified Organic. All of the other words are mostly meaningless because there aren’t many regulations … Read more

Fabulous Fungi: Turkey Tail Mushroom for Skin & Health

turkey tail mushroom for skin

The humble mushroom is one of the newest rising superstars in the natural health world. Medicinal varieties of mushrooms have been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine, and now the rest of the world is starting to realize how amazing they are. Maybe you’ve heard of their immune-boosting or stress-relieving power, but … Read more

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